Refresh your mind, and your body with a portable energy
drink mix that’s good for you!

The energy drink market in the United States tops $500 million annually, and
is growing at a rate of 60% per year. The worldwide energy drink market is an
astounding $3 Billion, and is expected to grow to $10 Billion in 3 years! Why so
much growth, and are these products healthy for you?
The reason for this growth is clear – everybody wants or needs more energy.
Take a look:
• 75% of consumers have issues related to energy and vitality
• 25% of Americans suffer from clinically significant daytime sleepiness
• Americans are sleeping on average 1-2 hours less per night than they did
40 years ago
• 95% of workers have said they have made a mistake at work due
to tiredness
What’s in NEURO?
• Rhodiola extract for energy and mental alertness. Used by Russian Olympic
athletes for stamina and endurance.
• DMAE (found naturally in sardines and fish) supports healthy brain function.
• Green tea – Provides increased energy and other well-documented health
benefits for the body
• Diarginine malate (arginine) – A natural amino acid that helps blood
vessel health and supports oxygen transfer.
• B vitamins (Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin which is also known
as Vitamin B7) – Supports your body’s natural energy
• Vitamin C – A powerful antioxidant to support your body’s defense system
when you are fatigued
• Plus, it has no added sugar and only 5 calories!

Smart energy that boosts your body AND your brain!

Refresh your mind and your body with a portable energy drink mix that’s good for you!

ViSalus NEURO™, the energy drink mix made with healthy ingredients to fuel you with smart energy throughout the day.

Some caffeinated or sugar loaded drinks can seem to give you a quick burst of energy, but then leave you feeling more tired than ever. Instead, NEURO™ is a patent-pending energy formula based on great nutritional science that uses a unique blend of energy ingredients without the sugar or caffeine found in other energy drinks. The result is a gentle lift that awakens your brain and invigorates your body without the jitters. And, it’s conveniently portable.

ViSalus NEURO™ comes in easy to use packets – perfect to grab on the run and make it simple to get the boost you need anywhere, anytime! Just mix NEURO™ with water or your favorite beverage (such as iced tea, hot tea, lemonade, cranberry juice, or any other beverage) for smart energy every day.

The NEURO™ Product Family

NEURO™ comes 15 packets to a box or in a 22 serving jar and in two delicious flavors, Raspberry Boost and Lemon Lift. You can support your brain and get energy the healthy way by using up to 6 packets per day.

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