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Speed Up Your Metabolism.…but how? It is a million dollar question.This article solve this bloody mystery, Are you starting to gain weight even if you are not eating that much? Can’t you lose those extra pounds no matter how hard you try to follow your restricted diet? Do you badly want to lose weight just as easy as it once was? When we age it becomes more difficult to stay fit. When we were younger it was easier to lose those extras. We can even lose them in a week! Even if it is different now, you should not lose hope because you can still do something about it. The only way to lose those pounds easily again is to speed up your metabolism. Read on how to speed up metabolism and lose the fats now.

Understand What Metabolism is
In scientific terms, metabolic rate is defined as the rate at which our body burns calories. Not everyone has a fast metabolism. In fact it even slows down as we grow old but there are also other reasons why our metabolism decreases. Generally, overweight individuals have a slower metabolism than normal people. Those who are slimmer obviously have a faster metabolism. This means that people burn calories differently even if they have the same activity level, diet, and weight.

Determine What Influences your Metabolism
When you reach the age of 40, your metabolism rate reduces 5% per decade. As we all know age plays a big role on our metabolism but there are also other factors that may affect it as well. Aside from that, gender is also a factor. Men burn more calories than women because they have more muscle tissue in their bodies. Another factor is heredity. If most of your family members have fast metabolism then there is a big chance that you burn calories as fast as they can too.One more factor that affects our metabolism is the Thyroid disorder which can either slow down or speed up metabolism.

Eat Small Meals Frequently
It is important that you replenish your body will food to give it enough fuel to burn the other calories that you have consumed. If you deprive yourself of food for a long time, your body will eventually think that it needs to slow down its metabolic rate to compensate the “starvation” it is experiencing and make your body store fat easily. It is best to have four to six small meals per day to increase metabolism. Make sure that you eat enough calories daily. Ideally, women should consume 1200-1800 calories a day while men should get 2000 calories or more to speed up metabolism.

Drink Iced Water
Some think that drinking hot water is going to make them lose weight. Sorry but it is the other way around. To speed up metabolism, you should drink ice cold water as often as you can. This will make your body work its way into warming that cold water turning it to body temperature.

To speed up metabolism you should exercise at least 3 times a week. Aside from getting lean muscles, working out regularly will keep your metabolism up and get your body to burn more calories. Now that you know how to speed up metabolism you will have greater success in your weight loss challenges.

You can easily speed up your metabolism, if you stick to these Advices.

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