80 Pounds Lighter Causes Happy Tears

Before the bodyvyvi 90 Day Challenge, Theresa More described herself as depressed, extremely overweight, and exhausted.  At 210 pounds, Theresa avoided social interaction and spent the past two years hoping for a solution.  She has active children who play hockey and have school functions, in which she attended, and dressed herself in whatever fit.   Finally, one of her friends stepped in and recommended that she go talk to a physical, mental and health trainer, Trish.

Theresa went to her appointment where Trish consulted her on her health and told her about the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge.  Theresa’s first impression was very skeptical, having tried to lose weight in the past without success.   She decided, however, that she had nothing else to lose except weight and joined the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, which challenges people seeking healthier lives to reach their goal with the support of the ViSalus family and use of our product.  ViSalus also offers amazing rewards for the most transformed individuals after the challenge such as; cruises, paid trips to Hollywood and more. Theresa started on our Transformation Kit, which includes 60 shakes, appetite control, essential oils, metabolism boosters and energy products.  In two weeks she had lost 10 pounds and in four weeks lost two inches off her neck.  She says “I could actually start looking in the mirror at myself and watched the inches fall off, I felt empowered to keep going.”   

After the challenge Theresa continued her use of the Transformation Kit and has lost a total of 80 pounds.  Upon completion of the challenge and her weight loss goal Theresa said, “I couldn’t stop crying happy tears, my kids are happy, I’m happy, and I feel good about myself.” Her friends and family were so wowed by her results that they decided to join the challenge as well.  Her mom, sister in law, sister, brother in law and several other friends signed up for the challenge and promote the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge.  Using her favorite products, shakes, neuro, and vi-trim, Theresa says “Body by Vi has changed my life and made me feel like I’m in my early 20’s again and I’m back to my outgoing self.”

Theresa’s message: “Just do it and believe in yourself. Get on your way to living better and being happier”